A total success!

A beautiful day for IS Day 2016! Materials for the papermaking workshop Learning how to make deckles and moulds Learning how to make deckles and moulds Some of the inclusions to be used in the workshop Couching Papermaking demonstration Couching Couching Couching IS Day Participants IS Day Participants Traditional Andean Ch'alla Walking the grounds of the Art Center Dance performance in honor of the ch'alla

Foon Sham, sculptor, was not able to be here on ISDay, however, he came a few weeks before to start the work on his piece. The sculpture was showcased “in process”, causing a lot of admiration as well as interest in coming back to see it once the sculpture is completed. The artist stated, “Working with the local craftsmen in Ars.Natura.Uta was a nice experience even though I had to communicate with them mostly via a sketch book. It was my first time to design a sculpture in bricks and their hand work with concrete and mortar were very impressive.”

A papermaking demonstration and workshop was part of the festivities. Andrea Hull, who learned the craft while working as Assistant Papermaker at Pyramid Atlantic (Maryland, USA) said “…I showed the attendees how to make a mould and deckle, how to prepare paper slurry, how to pull a sheet, how to couche and finally various methods for drying their handmade paper. We also discussed inclusions, such as dried flowers and other native flora. It was a small but very enthusiastic group and I have high hopes for next year’s ISDay. I would love to have more examples to show, particularly some made with native grasses and plants, which is currently in development, as well as create some wire armatures to highlight the sculptural possibilities of handmade paper.”

A ch’alla ceremony – which is an offering to Pachamama, or Mother Earth – was performed by a local yatiri, or holy man. The offering is burned in a ritual fire – and on this IS Day, there was a twist, with a modern dance piece performed beside it, by the ballerina Amancaya Rivera Camacho.

One attendee, Lic. Magali Vega, a retired Communications Professor at the Universidad Mayor de San Andres in La Paz, remarked “The IsDay 2016 in Ars.Natura.Uta could not have been a better day. The activities, the sharing in a beautiful setting, the art, the sculpture of other artists, the congeniality of the whole event… I have never heard such a thing as a special Day dedicated to celebrate and the awareness on Sculpture! If Ars.Natura.Uta has this open house again next year, please include me in your list of invites!.”

Another attendee, Mr. Oscar Vega Lopez, added, “Isday 2016 at The Cultural Center ARS.NATURA.UTA was a wonderful experience. All the activities and celebration of the day of Sculpture all over the world is an amazing event. Here in Bolivia we enjoyed a great day, could not be better. What was for us surprising was the integration of all the arts to celebrate this Day of the Sculpture: the architecture of the Center, sculptures by different artists, local and international, paintings, the workshop on paper making, the performance and traditional offering to Mother Earth. We the participants would like to be invited again for this Day next year! FELICIDADES! Teresa Camacho Hull and her crew of staff/assistants and all the artists who work hard through the ARTS for the betterment of LIFE in the globe.”

Dance performance in honor of the ch'alla